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Product Details:

JT&JU series Non-clogging self priming sewage pump  is our latest developed product ,and is suitable for treament project of municipal sewage and industrial sewage as well as stage treatment and concentrated treatment system of various sewages ,it's know as king of self-priming sewage pump , and the most ideal new-generation sewage product .

1), stable performance ,reliable operation;

2), Rapid self-priming ,high suction head;

3), Back-pull-out construction , convenient  for maintaince and trouble hooting . daily maintenance can be performed rapidly by common head  tools ,saving time and labor;

4) ,Semi-open impeller structule and non-clogging design, strong passing capacity ,diameter of maximun passing Spherical solid is 3" (76.2 mm) , diameter solids  and depending on pump model;

5) , Convenient usage :the pump can be mounted high and dry at floor level, with only the suction line down in the liquid   Solids handing impeller Two-vane, semi-open.


    1. Non-flammable and non-explosive liquid
    2. Rain water and common sewage
    3.  Municipal drainage project ,construction site ,drainage station of people’s air defense system 
    4. Industrial sewage of light industry ,paper mill , textile, chemical industry , electric utility , deep mines ,etc.
    5. Sewage discharge in the residential area 
    6. Sewage and deposit of water purifying system 
    7. Tanning industry , sewage of sewage of slaughter house ,fish breeding in the river and pond 
    8. Wine and sugar industry 
    9. Sewage discharge not having strong corrosivenss but seriously polluted





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