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Chemical process pump IHF series pump


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Brife introduction 

   IHF series single stage suction fluroplastic alloy centrifugal pump is manufactured according to international design and principle of Nonmetal pump . the pump has the advantages such as anticorrosion , wearable , anti-high temperature , no aging , high mechanical strength and no toxin decomposer etc . the medium temperature is -85℃ ~ 200℃ . the pumps are widly used to transport liquid , waster water and add acid etc , in chemical , pharmaceutical , petroleum, metallurgical , power , electroplating , pickling ,pesticides, paper and other industries . The pump can be used in transporting strong corrosive medium of any concentration , such as sulfuric acid , hydrochloric , nitric acid ,acetic acid , aqua regia , strong alkali , strong oxidants and organic solvents ,etc. it is one of the most advanced corrosion –resistant equipment .


  The pump body is metal shell with FEP(F46) ling . Impeller and pump cover  are made by integrated sintering and pressure moulding of metal insert and fluorin plastic housing . shaft seal is external waviness mechanical seal . Stationary seal ring is made of 99.9% Alumina ceramic or Silicone carbide . Dynamic ring is made of PTFE stuffing material . The pump has advanced and reasonable structure , corrosion-resistant , tight and reliable sealed performance , work stability ,low noise and long life .

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